This video contain loud audio. Mind your volume settings.


This project involves a prop to go with the effect. The cannon was made with a high- and lowpoly model in Maya, baked, textured using Substance Painter and Quixel and then exported to Unreal in pieces. Since it came in individual pieces it could be animated by using Unreal's sequence editor, so no rig was required.

A flipbook texture of an explosion was made inside Houdini, a very valuable process as I had not worked much in Houdini previously. The flipbook was used to create fire and smoke effects.

The image to the left flips between four different color-channels of a gray-packed texture that was used to create the material to the right inside Unreal Engine 4.
The channels are: Density, Fire, Alpha and Soft-Alpha.

The material was set up to allow for a number of different shading techniques, like alpha erosion and soft-alpha transition. It also supports different uses as parameter allows one to change its attributes. Finally, it uses MacroUV textures to blend the particles together. In this scene the material was used for both the cannons muzzle flash and dust clouds inside the scene.