Guns Guts & Glory is a game about gladiators in a world where Italy invented gunpowder. They used this new creation to spice up the otherwise stale arena fights in the colosseum of Rome.

In this 4-player versus party game you fight as a gladiator to get the most kills before all three rounds are over.
You can download the game by clicking the link to the right. NOTE: Guns Guts & Glory requires Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers to play as intended.

Role & Responsibilities

I took the role of art lead for this project, having the final say in eventual art-related conflicts, and helping the team hone in on an art style by making moodboards.

My biggest responsibility as an artist was to create all of the effects in the game and the shaders used by them, and there are a lot of effects. From gameplay related violent effects such as explosions, blood and smokeclouds to ambient environment effects such as rain, water foam and the crowd banderoles.
When not working on effects I made 3D assets such as weapons and clothes.

Production Time
Team Size


Unity 5
Tortoise SVN
7 Weeks
3 x Game Designers
4 x 3D Artists
2 x 2D Artists


I wanted every hit with the explosive arm cannon shot to feel satisfying, like it really hurts, so I turned the explosion effect into a small mushroom cloud. In the actual game, camera shake helps sell the effect.

I made a cell-shaded material for many effects as it helped with clarity and distinguished the effects from other objects.

This is the "muzzle flash" effect from the cannon when you fire it. As with the explosion, I wanted each shot to be powerful. The game revolves around these arm cannons, so I allowed the effects to take up a bit more space than otherwise necessary.

Each of the traps needed their own effects, some more complex than others.

Here are a few examples of the environment effects: Rain, waterfall-splash and foam, wet-sand and water rings.

Particle trail renderers were used to create effects such as sword trails and banderoles for the crowd.

We wanted the game to be 'cartoony violent' from the start, so having proper blood effects was a given.

Here are some examples of the different blood effects used. Different effects spawn depending on what weapon you're hit with, so the shape of the blood will differ.

I painted some simple textures in Photoshop which supported a nice alpha erosion. The shader makes sure that blood does not leak over edges if it were spilled near a ledge for example.

I used Unity's cloth system to simulate the movement of the cloaks which gave them a responsive and almost playful feeling.

Some fake wind was added to it with a vertex animation in the shader so that they would still look interesting when the character wasn't moving.