TurboTrout is a game about speed. Match your color to the jellyfish you find along your path to increase your velocity and set a new course record!

Role & Responsibilities

I did all the effects for this project and worked closely with our scripters to make sure that the effects gave feedback to what was happening in the game. As an example, several effects escalate smoothly as the speed increase and one effect even react to what surface you are swimming over.

Production Time
Team Size

Unreal Engine 4
2 Weeks
4x Game Designers
4x 3D Artists


In this environmental effect I utilized local vector fields to achieve a motion for the fish that would be hard to recreate with other methods using the tools I had available. I had to experiment quite a bit to get it all working, but the result was definitely worth it as it gets a unique look for the fish shoal.

The vector fields were generated with Maya Fluids which gave me a lot of control over how I wanted the fish to swim.

I also used global vector fields for another effects. At certain points in the level there are some bioluminescent algae that you can swim through and I wanted the particles to interact with the player. We attached a global vector field to the player that interacts with the algae particle effects so that they move out of the way when you pass through. It's quite subtle, but adds a lot of interaction between the player and the world.

When the player runs into a naval mine it explodes. The underwater setting presented an interesting take on explosions.

Speed-streaks, bubbles, shockwaves, turbo-flames and sand-trails. Many effects were used to convey the sense of velocity and speed.